Friday, 19 July 2013

Valiant Email Conversion Program; Features Highlight

It is good to know, the software you are going to invest in, is immaculate before making final purchase. As email conversion tools are available in numbers, it becomes quite difficult scenario to choose the one which is effective, irrefutable and power-packed. Recover Data provides best range of advanced email conversion utilities. These email conversion tools are available for switching from one email platform to another, such as OST to PST converter, NSF to PST converter and EDB to PST converter.

Below are the mentioned features of a valiant email conversion software:-

OST to PST Converter:
  • Converts OST files to PST files fastidiously
  • Recovers OST data and exports it to readable PST format
  • Repairs affected OST files and restores it in PST
  • Post scan, offers preview of recovered OST files
  • Recovers OST files along with its objects, such as attachments, notes, journals, etc.
  • Restores email files with each detail (to, from, creation date/time, subject)
  • Restores HTML, RTF or Text messages with same formatting
  • Repairs OST files corrupted due to virus attack, 2 GB storage capacity, etc.
EDB to PST Converter:-
  • Convert EDB files to PST files fastidiously
  • Recovers EDB files and exports it to readable PST format
  • Repairs damaged or unusable EDB files
  • Post scan, offers preview of recovered mailbox data
  • Recovers EDB files along with its components, such as notes, attachments, tasks, etc.
  • Restores email files with each details, such as (to, from, subject, creation date/time, etc.)
  • Restores HTML, RTF or Text messages with same formatting
  • Repairs EDB files corrupted due to Exchange error code 528, virus attack, server failure, etc.
 NSF to PST Converter:-
  • Converts NSF files to PST files fastidiously
  • Allows to take backup of currently configured NSF files
  • Automatically locates NSF files for conversion
  • Converts NSF files along with its components, such as notes, attachments, tasks, etc.
  • Converts NSF files with each email details, such as senders name, receivers name, subject, etc.
All the aforementioned email conversion tools are attached with robust techniques and shares some common characteristics:-
  • Attached with highly interactive UI
  • Risk-free, effective and speedy in its operation
  • Integrated with top-notch techniques and features
  • Available with free demo edition
 Choose the required software and get your work accomplished with ease at your place and in your way.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Email Conversion Software: Whys and How's of it?

Email conversion is the favorite term for business organizations. As it is helping a way out of email data loss. There are numerous software building firms that are actually developing email conversion software for the masses of the globe.
Well, why we need an email conversion tool? What for?

An email conversion software is a utility that effectively combats lost, corrupted, and deleted emails. There are severe culprits behind any email loss, such as: network failure, improper shutdown, virus intrusion, logical errors, exceeding the data storage limit, accidental deletion of emails (by pressing Shift + Delete key), accidental formatting of the system, sudden power outage, and the list may go on.

There are eminent and advance email conversion applications available online, such as NSF to PST, EDB to PST, OST to PST, etc.

All these email conversion utilities are totally cost-effective and risk-free. Built with powerful integrity, which comprises rich features and authentic functionality. Moreover, this software also adheres an interactive interface, which in-turn makes the user comfortable to initiate a conversion process.
How email recovery software works?

Most of the email conversion applications have well-guided three steps, which everyone needs to acknowledge and follow: Download the best email conversion tool from the product site, install it on the PC, and finally, select for the email conversion option. After selecting the option, the software will begin an extensive scanning, which will further pop up all the emails, which needs to be repaired, converted, and restored. Lately, the user has to select the files and provide a particular location; wherein the files will be restored. All the files are converted within a moment of time.

Conversion tools have superior features as they acquire the ability to convert each and every detail of the software. All types of files, attachments, details, are converted comprising the time, date, subject, to, and from. In addition, a password protected email or file is also converted without any hesitation.
Pay heed! Surf well! And please yourself, as the generation is technology driven, which can help your business prevent from any loss.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

How an OST to PST converter takes befitting actions against lost emails?

Apparently, be it a big or a small organization, email dependency rate is higher among the employees to co-ordinate with one another. Hence, loss of precious email files may kindle strife or may wreck smooth working process of an organization. OST files, which is generated while working with Exchange Sever environment proves immensely useful at the time of Exchange downtime; as it allows a user to work in an offline mode. OST files, which acts as the user mailbox backup (stored over the Exchange Server), when gets affected, creates panic among the users. To rescue data from the damaged OST files there are two ways:-

One is , you can use the Microsoft Outlook provided inbuilt utility-- scanost.exe. This utility will essay the offline folder and then and their it will fix the errors in the affected OST files, hence, making data re -usable.

However, if the above mentioned utility fails to repair OST files due to severe damage, you can opt for a second alternative – a professional OST to PST converter. This software will help you to make your OST files re-accessible by following a comprehensive scan of the offline folder.
Once the scan process gets accomplished,it will present all the revived files in a hierarchical pattern before finally saving them to a network.

One’s options to choose an effective converter out of the myriad are as vast as the horizon, yet we must choose a solution with utmost caution.

A converter equipped with magnanimous techniques, recovers as well as repairs orphaned,  or password secured OST files and converts it to Outlook importable PST file. The software also ascertains that the complete recovery process is performed without affecting email integrity, hence restoring RTF, HTML or Plain Text messages with their original formatting. It takes befitting actions against the annihilating factors, which causes email loss, such as virus, bad sectors in the storage device, exceeding size of OST files, etc.

A professional email converter may bring risk with it – instead of making the files re-accessible, it may worsen the situation.

Significantly, to adjudge the potential of the email recovery software – one of the felicitous way  available to the users is – to  experiment the demo edition of the software, provided by a recommended brand. This will give apparent understanding about the software functionality, features and interface.